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Borat’s back, offering VP Pence his daughter in trailer for new sequel

Sacha Baron Cohen returns as Kazakh journalist in the US on a ‘secret mission’; film to be released on Amazon Prime shortly before US election

Sacha Baron Cohen in the trailer to the Borat sequel. The trailer was released by Amazon on October 1, 2020. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Sacha Baron Cohen in the trailer to the Borat sequel. The trailer was released by Amazon on October 1, 2020. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Amazon released a trailer for the sequel to the 2006 hit film Borat starring Sacha Baron Cohen on Thursday, with the protagonist offering his daughter to US Vice President Mike Pence at a rally.

In the trailer, the actor and comedian Baron Cohen is seen in the US, apparently trying to marry his daughter to someone “close to the throne” of the White House, while on a “secret mission” to remedy the damage he did to Kazakhstan’s image in the first film.

Since Baron Cohen’s character is now recognizable to much of the public, he is featured in the trailer wearing elaborate disguises, as well as acting as the original character.

He is seen shopping for a Halloween costume, being pulled over by police for having a woman strapped to the roof of his car, quarantining in a cabin during the pandemic, and approaching Pence at a speaking engagement while dressed as US President Donald Trump.

The film will reportedly focus on the COVID-19 pandemic and Trump and his supporters, among other topics.

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani said he reported Baron Cohen to police in July after he entered his office for an interview wearing a bikini.

The film will be released on Amazon Prime on October 23, shortly before the November 3rd US election.

The official title of the movie is, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.”

The original film was titled, “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit of Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.” It featured Baron Cohen, who is Jewish, as a nonsensical reporter from Kazakhstan who is anti-Semitic, misogynist, and generally offensive, while interacting with Americans who were unaware the character was a sham.

It was particularly noted for helping expose racism and prejudices among interviewees, who let their guard down while speaking to the supposed Kazakh.

His confrontation with Pence was apparently during a February CPAC speech and was covered by right-wing media at the time, without realizing Baron Cohen was behind the prank.

“A protestor dressed like the president stood up near the front of the audience and began yelling about Trump and ‘white supremacy,’” The Daily Caller reported.

The audience drowned out Baron Cohen with chants of “USA! USA!” as he was escorted out of the room.

In 2007 Baron Cohen had said he would retire Borat, citing the character’s widespread recognition.

“The problem with success, although it’s fantastic, is that every new person who sees the Borat movie is one less person I `get’ with Borat again,” he said at the time.

Baron Cohen also disguised himself in the US for the series “This is America.”

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