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Daily Briefing July 10: Day 278 – Hostage talks continue, latest details emerge

US bureau chief Jacob Magid reviews sticking points in potential hostage-truce deal, Republicans on Israel and antisemitism ahead of convention, and ongoing Democratic narrative

Welcome to The Times of Israel’s Daily Briefing, your 20-minute audio update on what’s happening in Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world.

US bureau chief Jacob Magid joins host Jessica Steinberg on today’s episode.

Magid discusses the latest regarding the hostage talks taking place in Doha, and the possible sticking points for Israel and Hamas with regard to the proposed three phases of the deal.

Magid looks at the timing of the deal, which will likely require several more weeks of mediation, and how that could coincide with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned visit to Washington, DC, to address Congress on July 24.

He also discusses statements about Israel, antisemitism and campus protests in the 16-page document from the Republican Party ahead of its upcoming convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Finally, Magid reviews the ongoing “freak-out” by Democrats after President Joe Biden’s dismal debate with former president Donald Trump, and how Biden is pushing forward with his campaign.

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Discussed articles include:

Hamas accuses Netanyahu of placing ‘obstacles’ to truce-hostage negotiations

Netanyahu issues list of 4 ‘nonnegotiable’ demands as hostage talks slated to restart

Optimism in truce-hostage talks: Mossad chief goes to and from Doha, Hamas briefs Hezbollah

GOP platform pledges to stand with Israel, deport ‘pro-Hamas radicals’ from US

In interview, Biden says only ‘the Lord Almighty’ could make him drop out of race

‘Not Biden’s policy’: Official says Democrats’ Israel plank won’t include aid cutoff

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