Kenahora, KinvaraKenahora, Kinvara

Israel’s ‘Game of Thrones’ actress eyes fresh conquests

Ania Bukstein, who caused a splash with her appearance as new character Kinvara, is making her return to the music world

Jessica Steinberg covers the Sabra scene from south to north and back to the center.

Fresh from her triumph over master of wit Varys in this week’s (mainly heartbreaking) “Game of Thrones,” Ania Bukstein, the Israeli actress of Russian descent who plays Red Priestess Kinvara in the epic fantasy, is enjoying widespread fame and setting her sights on conquering a new world — the musical one.

Bukstein’s first scenes in the show aired May 22, and the responses to her fiery encounter with Varys and show star Tyrion Lannister have won broad praise. Her appearance is already racking up views on YouTube clips, occupying the Twitterati and filling up Facebook.

It is a big week for former model Bukstein, whose artistic talents extend to singing and who has just released her fourth single, “We Have a Chance” ahead of an upcoming album.

The pop song has a synthesized, electronic sound, perfect for the dance floor and as far removed as one can get from Bukstein’s more reserved Meereen stylings in the series.

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