25-year-old man shot dead in Lod, marking 64th killing in Arab crime wave this year

A man was shot dead near a mourning tent in the central city of Lod, police and medics say.

The anti-violence advocacy group Abraham Initiative names the victim as Mahmoud Elassiwi, 25.

Paramedics called to the scene found the man unconscious and without signs of life, according to a Magen David Ambulance service statement.

The medics say they began to treat him and took him to hospital where he was later declared dead.

An additional 46-year-old man was seriously injured and taken to hospital by medics, MDA says.

Police say they have opened an investigation into the shooting.

The Abraham Initiatives say the death brought the number of Arab Israelis who have been killed in violent crime since the start of 2024 to a record 64, of which 56 were shot dead.

During the same period in 2023, 60 Arab Israelis had been killed. That year saw 244 violent deaths in the Arab community, nearly double the previous record set in 2021.


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