Abbas rival Dahlan says PA president is a failed leader

In a rare television interview, exiled Palestinian politician Mohammad Dahlan says his movement will contest the upcoming Palestinian legislative elections. And he brands his rival, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, a failed leader.

Dahlan, who lives in the United Arab Emirates, tells Saudi Arabia’s Al-Arabiya channel that “Abbas has normalized despair among Palestinians.”

As for the Palestinian presidential elections, which are set to be held on July 31, Dahlan says “Abbas will not be the only presidential candidate in the elections,” refusing to elaborate.

Mohammad Dahlan during a TV interview on March 18. 2021 (video screenshot)

Dahlan is rumored to be a close associate of Emirati Crown Prince Mohammad bin Zayed. Officials in Ramallah blamed the UAE’s decision to normalize ties with Israel last year on Dahlan’s influence.

In his Wednesday interview, Dahlan denies the accusation. He also declines to criticize the UAE’s decision to normalize relations with Israel, which he says did so for “its own sovereign reasons.”

“I am proud of being in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE has a long history of aiding the Palestinian people,” Dahlan says.