Bat Ayin suspects received intel from disgraced MI soldier

An indictment was served at the Jerusalem District Court against three residents of the settlement of Bat Ayin for attacking a Palestinian laborer.

David Or Shahar, 19, and two minors aged 16 and 17 are being accused of a racially motivated serious assault, attacking a public servant, racially motivated willful damage and other offenses. The 17-year-old is also accused of obstruction of justice.

According to the indictment, in one of the cases the three defendants assaulted a Palestinian laborer as well as a soldier who tried to prevent the attack. In a different case, NRG reports, they pelted a truck with rocks after they realized it was owned by an Arab. The indictment also accuses the three of cutting down olive trees owned by Palestinians who live near Bat Ayin and spraying the slogans “Arabs are thieves” and “price tag” on rocks in the olive grove. The damage to the grove is assessed at NIS 30,000 (c. $8,000).

Additionally, the 17-year-old is accused of obstruction of justice since he was in touch with Elad Sela, a soldier in Military Intelligence who leaked to the accused information about him and other residents of Bat Ayin, as well as information regarding future arrests and interrogations. According to the indictment the minor, who cannot be named due to his age, passed on the information to other people and thus interfered with the proceeding of a criminal investigation.

The indictment was preceded by an investigation by the Shin Bet security service.