Debate ends with closing statements

The party leaders make their final statements.

Zahava Galon: “Israel needs a strong, significant left party that will stand against the racism, the incitement and the descent to fascism. It is a telling sign there is only one woman here tonight… We’ll work for a fairer society.”

Aryeh Deri: “I commit to lowering the VAT to 0 on basic goods, a 30 shekel hourly minimum wage, and that 7.5% of housing should be public housing.”

Naftali Bennett: “Brothers and sisters: I turn to you, especially those of army age. It is important that each and every one of you know our heritage… I want you to be proud to be Jewish and Israeli and Zionist…. I commit to never agreeing to give a centimeter of Israel’s land to the Arabs.”

Moshe Kahlon: “We heard many promises today. I commit that at the moment I reach the finance ministry we will fight the monopolies. It will take not much longer than a year. Those who know me know that when I fight for a cause I go all the way, as I did with the cellular phone monopoly. If you want me in the finance ministry vote Kulanu, because only with political power I will be able to get there.”

Liberman: “We will have no choice but to topple Hamas. we cannot have a war every 2 years. we must legislate the death penalty for terrorists. We must ensure a Jewish majority loyal to the state.”

Lapid: “We came to change and we have made some mistakes, but I am proud of our achievements. You need to be angry about the things these elections prevented.”

Yishai: “I have a dream that we will not differentiate between haredim and secular, black hat and knitted kipa, I have a dream that an old man will not need to choose between medicine and food.

Aiman Odeh: “We (Arabs) will not agree to be left aside. We are the largest list of the parties here. we are more than 20% of the population. We will pull our weight for peace, equality, democracy. This is not even a state of Jews, but a state of tycoons.” Odeh finishes in Arabic.

Yonit Levy thanks all the participants, laments the absence of Herzog and Netanyahu.

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