Europeans looking to expand sanctions on Iran and others fueling attacks on Israel

Speaking ahead of an EU leaders’ summit in Brussels, French President Emmanuel Macron says Europe should widen its sanctions regime on Iran, adding that sanctions should target entities involved in the production of drones and missiles in particular.

European Union leaders will meet today to discuss stepping up sanctions against Iran after Tehran’s missile and drone attack on Israel.

Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani says European foreign ministers also want to impose new sanctions on those who arm Israel’s foes and those who attack ships in the Red Sea.

“There was a unanimous consensus that sanctions should be imposed on all those who give drones, weapons and missiles to those who attack Israel and those who attack ships in the Red Sea,” Tajani says the day after a meeting of EU foreign ministers.

Tajani says the issue of sanctions would also be addressed during a meeting of Group of Seven foreign ministers that he is due to chair over the coming three days on the Italian island of Capri.

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