Ex military intel chief: Cyberattack shows vulnerability of Iranian economy

Former head of Israel’s military intelligence Amos Yadlin echoes the comments made by a Western official to Channel 12, saying the cyberattack targeting an Iranian port “appears to be an Israeli response to the earlier Iranian cyberattack on Israeli water and sewage infrastructure.

“Cyber is now being integrated to the ground, sea, and aerial dimensions of combat as a major domain of war-fighting,” he tweets.

“If this cyberattack was indeed Israel’s response to the Iranian attack on civilian infrastructure (water and sewage systems), Israel is sending an important message to Iran regarding the vulnerability of key elements of Iran’s economy to Israeli cyber capabilities.”

“An interesting question is: Does the Iranian leadership have control of the Iranian hackers? Other interesting subjects that these cyberattacks bring to the fore:

A) The attack on the Iranian port – appears to demonstrate superpower capabilities.
B) The significance of violation of sovereignty in the cyber domain.
C) Attribution of cyberattacks, plausible deniability of both the attacker and the target.
D) The meaning of deterrence in cyber.
E) The interaction between cyber and kinetic activities,” he concludes.

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