Fighting erupts in Tel Aviv as police try to disperse protests

Scuffles are breaking out in Tel Aviv as police, including officers on horseback, attempt to clear protesters off roads. As cops try to push crowds back, some leave peacefully but others tussle with police, amid frequent claims of excessive force.

In one area, a large bonfire is seen burning at the center of an intersection, as hundreds crowd around. It is extinguished a short time later.

The protesters are continuing to attempt to reach the Ayalon freeway, Channel 12 news reports.

In Karkur, protesters have dispersed, but are making their way to a local police station, where they will likely rally for the release of any protesters detained during the demonstration, the Ynet news site reports.

Protests are also taking place at police stations in Tel Aviv and Ramle, according to the Brothers and Sisters in Arms group.

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