France’s Macron has only one senior female adviser

French President Emmanuel Macron has only one woman among his closest advisers, one of his ministers says, adding that she had spoken to the head of state about the issue.

“I told him ‘Mr President, you are not giving a good example,” Elisabeth Moreno, a junior minister in charge of gender equality, tells French media on Sunday.

She declines to say how the 43-year-old reacted, but she praises him for making gender equality a public priority and for ensuring balanced governments throughout his time in office.

Every cabinet since Macron came to power in 2017 has featured equal numbers of men and women, although both prime ministers have been male.

Of Macron’s 13 closest advisers at the Elysee Palace, there is only one woman: deputy cabinet chief Cecile Geneste.

Monday is International Women’s Day.

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