French FM brings proposals to calm Lebanon tensions to Jerusalem

French officials are sharing proposals made to Lebanese authorities to defuse tensions between Israel and Iran-backed Hezbollah, Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne says.

“A number of proposals that we made to the Lebanese side have been shared [with you],” Sejourne says ahead of a meeting with Foreign Minister Israel Katz in Jerusalem.

“We have a relationship with Lebanon, 20,000 citizens there and the war in 2006 was particularly dramatic for them,” he says.

Sejourne was in Lebanon on Sunday where he met officials including politicians close to Hezbollah. French officials say they saw progress in the responses from Lebanese authorities.

Sejourne says the proposals are based on ensuring the implementation of UN Resolution 1701, which requires Hezbollah to disarm south of the Litani River.

Katz thanks France for its help in intercepting Iranian missiles and drones in an attack on Israel in April.

“It was a message that regional states participated in that, because it was very important in regards to what we can expect in the future,” he said

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