Full vaccine effect slower than thought; delay ‘green pass’ eligibility – HMO

Nathan Jeffay is The Times of Israel's health and science correspondent

Israel is risking an unnecessary “increase in morbidity” by issuing green passes so soon after vaccination, and should make people wait another week, the Meuhedet Healthcare Services HMO says, in research that may have global reverberations.

According to a Meuhedet report based on analysis of more than 100,000 members, vaccine effectiveness reaches 96 percent on day 15 after full vaccination. However, from days 7 to 14, it is only at 89%.

In view of this, the fact Israel is giving green passes a week after full vaccination, instead of after two weeks, “may help to cause additional waves of illness,” says Dr. David Mosinzon, director of Meuhedet’s medical division.

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