Gantz sets out the 6 strategic goals the coalition must adopt, or his party will bolt

Minister Benny Gantz declares that “unity has to be genuine, and not “a figleaf” covering up deadlock in the leadership of the war. “The stalling has to end,” he says.

He calls for a drastic strategic change — a move away from “running in place, to brave decisions and decisive processes.”

At this critical junction, “the leadership must see the big picture, to find dangers, to identify opportunities, and to create an updated national strategy.”

Now he issues an ultimatum:

Gantz says that the war cabinet must “formulate and approve a plan of action” by June 8 to achieve “six strategic goals”:

1. “To bring the hostages home;”

2. “To topple Hamas rule, demilitarize the Gaza Strip and gain Israeli security control [of Gaza];”

3. Alongside that Israeli security control, “to create an international civilian governance mechanism for Gaza, including American, European, Arab and Palestinian elements — which will also serve as a basis for a future alternative that is not Hamas and is not [Palestinian Authority President] Abbas;”

4. “To return residents of the north to their homes by September 1, and to rehabilitate the western Negev (adjacent to Gaza, targeted by Hamas on October 7);”

5. “To advance normalization with Saudi Arabia as part of a comprehensive process to create an alliance with the free world and the West against Iran and its allies;” and

6. “To adopt a framework for [military/national] service under which all Israelis will serve the state and contribute to the national effort.”

“It will not be easy,” he says, “but only when we define the goals in a clear and bold fashion will we be able to choose the long path that leads to the summit.”

From his talks with world and Arab leaders, Gantz says, “I know the strategic goal is attainable.”

He adds: To be clear — we will go after Hamas and all our enemies in every situation and everywhere and at all times.”

Gantz stresses that Israel will retain sole responsibility for its own security.

And he adds: “We will not allow any outside power, friendly or hostile, to impose a Palestinian state on us.”

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