Group of hostages’ families: Blood of captives is on Netanyahu’s hands

A group of relatives of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza give a public statement demanding an immediate deal to release those who remain alive after the bodies of three captives were brought back from Gaza by soldiers yesterday.

“We are saying to the war cabinet: we need to immediately save all the hostages who are still alive, to bring the dead back to be buried in Israel. The way to do this is through a deal,” says Yehudit Cohen, whose son Nimrod is held hostage in Gaza.

Einav Moses, daughter-in-law of hostage Gadi Moses says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has purposely sabotaged talks for a deal to free the hostages, and that his government “gave up on the hostages.”

“The blood of those kidnapped is on Netanyahu’s hands and those who cooperate with him,” she says.

The families say that the ongoing operation in Gaza’s southern city of Rafah means that the government has abandoned the hostages who remain alive.

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