Hamas denies receiving new proposal from mediators, repeats demand for permanent ceasefire

Gianluca Pacchiani is the Arab affairs reporter for The Times of Israel

Hamas says it has not received any new proposal from negotiators ahead of renewed talks for a hostage release and temporary truce deal, and says it remains steadfast in its position demanding a “permanent and complete halt” to Israeli military operations “in all of the Gaza Strip, not just in Rafah,” according to a statement issued by the terror group’s official Izzat al-Rishq.

Rishq further accuses Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of stalling for time to continue the war, adding that “time is running out.”

The statement comes after Mossad chief David Barnea returned to Israel on Saturday following a meeting in Paris with top US and Qatari mediators, at which Barnea agreed to restart negotiations and presented Israel’s latest proposal.

Israel’s war cabinet is expected to meet this evening to discuss a hostage release deal.

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