Hebrew University announces expanded aid package for student-soldiers

Gavriel Fiske is a reporter at The Times of Israel

Hebrew University of Jerusalem students who have been called up for IDF reserve duty will receive an “extensive aid package,” the university announces.

“This package encompasses a financial grant starting at a minimum of NIS 2,000, alongside a comprehensive array of personal, academic, financial, and emotional support valued at thousands of shekels,” the announcement says.

The university also aims to facilitate the “seamless reintegration of reserve service individuals into academic life” through a “tailored academic assistance program” which can include tutoring, psychological support, exemptions from dormitory rent, and more.

Most of Israel’s institutes of higher education have announced similar aid packages. Official estimates are that some 30% of all university students are currently serving in the massive call-up of IDF reserve soldiers, along with thousands of staff and faculty members. Hebrew University has about 4,000 students in the reserves, out of a student body of 24,000.

The start of the academic year, originally slated to begin on October 15, is now scheduled for December 24.

However, if a significant number of reservists aren’t released by then, it is likely the start will be delayed further.

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