IDF: Airstrike targeted Hamas members, weapons store at UNRWA school in central Gaza

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

The military says it carried out an airstrike against a UNRWA school in central Gaza’s Nuseirat, where members of Hamas were gathered.

According to the IDF, among the operatives at the school were a member of Hamas’s anti-tank unit and a member of the terror group’s elite Nukhba force.

The site also had been used to store weapons, including mortars, guns, and explosive devices, the army says.

Secondary blasts were seen after the strike, which the military says indicates that the site was used to store weapons.

The IDF says the strike was “carefully planned and carried out using precise munitions” while “avoiding harm to uninvolved [civilians] as much as possible.”

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