IDF publishes footage of weapons cache uncovered in Khan Younis next to UN-operated school

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

The IDF releases footage showing a cache of weapons found by the Paratroopers Brigade in southern Gaza’s Khan Younis, in a building adjacent to a United Nations school.

According to the IDF, Hamas operatives would hide in the UN school, which was used as a shelter for Palestinian civilians, and sneak into the nearby building via a hole in the wall to grab weapons to attack Israeli troops.

In another nearby building, the IDF says troops found a further cache of firearms, ammunition and military equipment.

The Paratroopers Brigade also raided the home of a senior Hamas commander, the head of the Khan Younis Brigade’s anti-tank unit, and seized weapons and intelligence materials, the IDF says.

The brigade also worked to facilitate the evacuation of Palestinian civilians from their areas of operations in Khan Younis.

The IDF says that during one operation, the paratroopers detained some 60 operatives who hid at a school alongside Palestinian civilians.


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