IDF publishes video of Hamas attacker describing orders to kill, rape

The IDF has sent journalists a video it says shows a Hamas terrorist who took part in the October 7 attack on southern Israel admitting to being ordered to carry out atrocities in an apparent interrogation.

In the video, the person, whose face is lightly blurred, says that gunmen were given instructions to kill everyone they saw, including beheading victims and cutting off their legs.

He also says they were given permission to rape the corpse of a girl.

The terrorist was captured during an attack on Kibbutz Alumim, according to the IDF. During the attack, the kibbutz’s local security team managed to repel the terrorists, though they had already managed to infiltrate a part of the kibbutz where foreign workers lived, killing 16 Thai and Nepali nationals there, and abducting eight others to Gaza.

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