IDF says 150 Hamas underground sites hit in airstrikes; troops, tanks operate in Gaza

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

During the Israel Defense Forces’s overnight ground operation in the Gaza Strip, there were a number of clashes between troops and Hamas terrorists.

No soldiers are reported hurt in the clashes. The military believes it managed to kill several Hamas terrorists in the raid, and says it destroyed infrastructure belonging to the terror group.

The IDF infantry, combat engineering forces, and tanks still remain inside the Gaza Strip at this hour, as a ground operation continues.

The IDF has described the raid as an “expanded ground activity,” rather than a full ground offensive.

Meanwhile, the IDF says that the Air Force struck some 150 underground sites belonging to the Hamas terror group.

It adds that a number of Hamas terrorists were killed in the strikes.

Palestinian reports from Gaza are scarce after internet and phone services collapsed amid Israeli bombardment last night.

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