IDF says troops killed Hamas gunmen who fired at them from school in southern Gaza

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

Troops of the 55th Brigade’s Reconnaissance Battalion have killed several Hamas operatives in a school in southern Gaza’s Khan Younis, the IDF says.

It says the forces received intelligence about suspicious activity in the area, and once the Hamas gunmen opened fire at them from the school, the troops raided the complex.

According to the IDF, during the raid, the Hamas operatives opened fire with light arms and launched RPGs. “The troops engaged, waged a battle against the terrorists, and eliminated them,” it says.

A video published by the IDF shows the aftermath of the battle, with the bodies of three Hamas gunmen strewn on the grounds of the school.

The IDF says the troops found underground Hamas infrastructure in the area of the school. The underground complex, along with other observation sites belonging to Hamas in the area, were later destroyed in airstrikes by a fighter jet.

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