Iran’s Press TV tweets Iranian gains in deal

Iran’s Press TV posts a series of tweets detailing what the Islamic Republic stands to gain from the nuclear agreement.

Iran will receive “facilitated access in trade, technology, financial, energy fields,” says one tweet.

The bans on the country’s central bank, shipping, oil industry, and many other companies will be removed, according to Press TV.

“Billions” of Iran’s blocked revenues will be unfrozen and a ban on Iranian students studying abroad in nuclear-related fields will be fully removed.

Another tweet says the arms embargo against Iran will be lifted and replaced with “some restrictions to be removed in five years.”

On the nuclear front, the Arak heavy water reactor will remain intact and be modernized and equipped with “latest technology,” while the country’s nuclear infrastructure and research and development on advanced centrifuges will continue, according to Press TV.

When the implementation of the deal begins, economic and financial sanctions imposed by the US and EU will be lifted, the station reports.

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