Lebanon to file complaint with UN over Israel’s disruption of its navigation systems

Lebanon will file an urgent complaint with the United Nations Security Council over what it called Israel’s violation of its sovereignty by disrupting its navigation systems, the Lebanese foreign ministry says.

In a statement, the foreign ministry says Israel’s action is affecting the safety of civil aviation in the airspace of Beirut’s Rafic Hariri International Airport.

“Lebanon also holds Israel internationally responsible for the consequences of any accident or disaster caused by Israel’s deliberate policy of jamming air and ground navigation systems, and deliberately disrupting signal receiving and transmitting devices,” the statement reads.

Lebanon did not provide specific details regarding the nature of Israel’s actions disrupting its navigation systems. Israel has no immediate comment.

The Israel Defense Forces has been blocking some global positioning system (GPS) signals amid the ongoing war with the Palestinian terror group Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and clashes with Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Since the early days of the war, Israeli motorists using navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps would often see their locations show up completely wrong — users in Tel Aviv would be marked in Cairo, while people in Haifa would show up as in Beirut.

The jamming also seems to have befuddled dating apps.

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