Leifer’s lawyers won’t appeal extradition to Australia

Lawyers representing accused child sex abuser Malka Leifer say they won’t appeal the extradition order signed by the justice minister earlier today.

“I am not surprised by the minister of justice’s hasty signature which is completely in keeping with his inappropriate remarks of yesterday and a few months earlier. The minister of justice was meant to exercise his discretion in a considered manner after hearing submissions from the defense and not impetuously in a flagrant attempt to appeal to popular sentiment,” Leifer’s attorney Nick Kaufman tells The Times of Israel.

“Mrs. Leifer will not be seeking judicial review of this administrative act. Should Mrs Leifer not be acquitted in Australia, we will, in due course, be seeking that she serve any prison term imposed on her in Israel. By then, we can only hope to deal with a new minister of justice who will adopt a different attitude to the basic principles of due process and look favorably on such a request.”