IDF intel: Hamas will ‘survive as terror group,’ even if IDF dismantles its organized military capabilities

Israel’s military intelligence circulated a document to Israeli leaders this week warning that even if the IDF succeeds in dismantling Hamas as an organized military force in Gaza, it will survive as “a terror group and a guerrilla group,” Channel 12 reports.

The document, drawn up by the research division of IDF military intelligence (Aman), reportedly also states that “authentic support remains” for Hamas among Gazans.

Given that there is currently no practical effort being made to put in place a plan for Gaza on the “day after” the war, the document further warns, “Gaza will become an area in deep crisis.”

The network’s star investigative journalist Ilana Dayan says the document was presented on Monday to Israel’s political echelon, after it was discussed last weekend by senior IDF officers, Shin Bet officials and members of the National Security Council.

The “bottom line” is that the document constitutes a warning from those in military intelligence who carry out such assessments, says Dayan, that “Hamas will survive this [IDF] campaign as a terror group and a guerrilla group.”

“In this regard, at least,” she says, “there won’t be absolute victory” — as predicted and demanded by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The IDF Spokesman declined to comment on the TV report.

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