Montreal Jewish school hit with gunfire days after suspect arrested over November attack

Police say they are investigating after a Jewish school in Montreal was fired on this week, days after a suspect was arrested for shooting another nearby Jewish school.

Police say at least one bullet hit the Yeshiva Ketana, which serves children in the city’s Belz community, but there were no injuries, the CBC reports.

According to Yeshiva World News, the gunman was captured on surveillance footage, though his vehicle was not. Authorities believe the shooting took place Tuesday night or Wednesday, according to reports.

In a statement, Jewish community leaders express exasperation with the latest attack.

“Yet another Jewish school was shot at in the middle of the night – in Canada,” say Federation CJA president Yair Szlak and Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs vice president in Quebec Eta Yudin in a statement. “Thankfully no one was inside the building, but this violent hatred must no longer be tolerated.”

They call on Mayor Valérie Plante to take “decisive action … to finally put an end to the atmosphere of permissiveness towards antisemitism that is now rampant in our city.”

Police say they will up their presence at all Jewish schools in Montreal, the pair report.

On May 22, police arrested a suspect over a pair of shootings that targeted the city’s Yeshiva Gedola, about a block away, in November.

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