Orthodox Union condemns ‘outrageous incitement’ that fueled US Capitol violence

The Orthodox Union condemns the violence at the US Capitol.

“We are deeply saddened and shaken by yesterday’s violent events at the US Capitol that have badly upset our sense of peace and security. There is no place for the kind of outrageous incitement that fed that assault on the pillars of our democracy. It must stop,” the US Jewish umbrella group says in a statement. “We call upon President Trump to do all that is in his power – and it is indeed in his power – to restore that peace.”

It adds: “For centuries, we have gathered in our synagogues to pray for the peace and security of our country and its government. Those prayers have been uniquely fulfilled in the blessed United States of America, with its strong democracy and respect for its duly elected government and the rule of law. We pray to the Almighty that He grant strength and wisdom to President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris as they lead this great country forward in unity, peace, and security.”