Palestinians report fighting on outskirts of Shifa, Rantisi hospitals; no confirmation from IDF

Hamas officials and Palestinian media report fighting on the outskirts of Gaza’s Shifa hospital, where Israel says Hamas has its command center, and the Rantisi hospital.

The reports say special forces are operating in the area and armored forces are closing in.

The head of the Hamas-run media office in Gaza, Salama Maarouf, tells Al Jazeera that strikes were carried out near three hospitals in total, but gives no casualty figures.

There is no comment from the IDF, which said yesterday that the 162nd Division was operating in Hamas’s “military quarter” of Gaza City, clashing frequently with terror operatives. According to the IDF, the so-called military quarter, adjacent to Shifa Hospital, is “the heart” of Hamas’s intelligence and operational activities, and sites in the area were used to plan and prepare the October 7 onslaught in southern Israel that killed some 1,400 people and saw the abduction of some 240.

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