PM blasts international community for failing to reimpose sanctions against Iran

Prime Minister Netanyahu moves to discuss the Iranian nuclear threat, saying “the fanatics ruling Iran will do everything they can to thwart this historic peace.”

Iran is spending billions to arm its terror proxies and extend its terror tentacles worldwide. “They even tried to assassinate the secretary of state… [and] the national security adviser of the United States of America,” he says.

And its “murderous goons” have killed hundreds of its own people in the past year. “Iran’s drones have… brought death and destruction” to Ukraine.

“Yet the regime’s aggression is largely met by indifference in the international community.”

“Eight years ago, the Western powers promised that if Iran violated the nuclear deal, the sanctions would be snapped back,” he says. “Well, Iran is violating the deal, but the sanctions have not been snapped back. To stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions, this policy must change. Sanctions must be snapped back.”

He adds: “And above all, Iran must face a credible nuclear threat.”

NOTE: The PMO swiftly clarified that he meant to say a “credible military threat.”

“As long as I’m prime minister of Israel, I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons,” says Netanyahu.

He urges support for the brave people of Iran “who despise” the regime and who are “our real partners for the future.”

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