Police arrest anti-Israel protesters at Indiana University, Arizona State University

The Indiana University police department in Bloomington says in an emailed statement that 23 pro-Palestinian protesters were arrested there. on Saturday

Indiana State Police along with Indiana University police told demonstrators they could not pitch tents and camp on campus. When the tents were not removed, police arrested and transported protesters to the Monroe County Justice Center on charges of criminal trespass and resisting arrest.

“The Indiana University Police Department continues to support peaceful protests on campus that follow university policy,” the police statement reads.

Pro-Palestinian protests against Israel have spread to college campuses across the US, stoked by the mass arrest of over 100 people on Columbia University’s campus last week.

School leaders at several universities have responded in the past week by asking police to clear out camps and arrest those who refuse to leave. While saying they defend free speech rights to protest, the leaders say they will not abide activists infringing on campus policies against hate speech or camping out on university grounds.

At Arizona State University, campus police arrested 69 protesters early Saturday, the school says in a statement.

The university says “a group of people – most of whom were not ASU students, faculty or staff – created an encampment and demonstration” and were arrested and charged with criminal trespass after refusing to disperse.

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