Police suspect 4 settler youths of manslaughter over fatal crash during chase

Police are accusing four settler youths whose car overturned during a police chase of manslaughter, the Kan public broadcaster reports. The crash during the pursuit led to the death of one of the passengers, Ahuvia Sandak.

The four were lightly injured in the crash when fleeing from police after allegedly throwing rocks at Palestinians in the central West Bank, police said.

The vehicle belonging to so-called hilltop youth flipped over near the Michmash Junction, killing 16-year-old Sandak and injuring the others.

The four have been interrogated on suspicion of manslaughter, Kan says.

But according to Honenu, a legal aid group that often represents far-right settlers, the police car “hit [the settlers’] vehicle with force from behind, and the force of the impact caused their car to run off the road.”

Sandak was trapped under the car and it took roughly 40 minutes to pull him out, the group said.

The Justice Ministry’s Police Internal Investigations Department announced that it would be probing the circumstances of the crash.

Ahuvia Sandak, who was killed when his car flipped over while being chased by police in the West Bank on December 21, 2020. (Courtesy)