Terrorist gets 2 life sentences for car, stabbing attack

The military court at the Ofer IDF base condemns Maher Hamdi al-Hashalmoun, who was convicted of murdering Dalia Lemkus in the Etzion bloc in November, to two life sentences.

Hashalmoun confessed to running over Lemkus and then stabbing her. He also wounded Yeshayahu Horovitz and Yishai Katz during the attack.

Hashalmoun will also need to pay NIS 3.9 million (c. $1 million) to the Lemkus family in damages.

“The defendant went on a deliberate and hate-filled killing spree. He deliberately hurt the deceased and stabbed her repeatedly despite her screams. This was not the end of his cruelty and he then went in search of additional victims, but the vigilance of passersby stopped him and he then returned to the deceased,” the military judge wrote.

The judge adds that the defendant expressed no remorse for his actions during his trial and did not see anything wrong in his behavior. He is therefore unworthy of mercy,” the judge writes in the verdict.

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