TV debate over; how many viewers will it sway?

Channel 2’s Amit Segal asserts that the importance of the debate was that it took place, and that Herzog and Netanyahu “paid a price for not being here.”

Our instant summation: Bennett was well-prepared and focused — ready to talk over all other participants, for better or worse. Galon was clear and potent too.

Liberman looked uncomfortable, and used too much of his time to repeat himself on the need to oust Hamas and impose the death penalty for terrorists.

Lapid was composed but not particularly persuasive, Kahlom sweet and not particularly persuasive. Yishai did little to distinguish his party from Deri on the one hand, Bennett on the other.

Deri was earnest, emotional, passionate as ever.

And Aiman Ouda was perhaps the most interesting, in that his appearance marked a relatively rare instance of an Israeli Arab politician enjoying plenty of prime time to make his case to the Israeli public.

Good night from Jerusalem!

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