UAE’s first Israel ambassador meets FM Ashkenazi

The United Arab Emirates’ first ambassador to Israel, Mohammad Mahmoud Al Khajah, meets Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, who welcomes him to the Jewish state.

Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi (R) meets with Emirati Ambassador to Israel Mohammad Mahmoud Al Khajah on March 1, 2021 (Foreign Ministry)

“We have a historic opportunity to present a model of a warm and comprehensive peace between countries and nations. The opening of Foreign Ministry missions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and the opening of the Emirates’ Embassy in Israel are critical to establishing bilateral relations and promoting peace,” says Ashkenazi.

“I am happy to see the rapid warming of relations between the countries, and the realization of the vision of peace between cultures and peoples,” he adds.

Al Khajah, who came with a small team of staffers, will later today present his credentials to President Reuven Rivlin in an official ceremony at the President’s Residence.