White House: Not ‘appropriate’ of Hamas to renew rocket fire

WASHINGTON — White House Spokesman Josh Earnest sounded a cautious note Friday, saying that the White House “did not believe it was appropriate for Hamas to restore rocket fire” in a tempered response to the reescalation of violence between Israel and Gaza.

Earnest calls on “all sides” to cease violence, but also notes that while Israel had agreed to extend negotiations in Cairo, it was Hamas that had refused to extend the ceasefire without Israel meeting a series of conditions. Earnest emphasizes that “Hamas’s decision to restore rocket fire” did not just harm both Israeli and Palestinians alike, but is against the interests of the Palestinian Authority.

“It is our hope that both parties will agree to a continued ceasefire,” Earnest says, adding that the American delegation in Cairo was still involved in trying to renew negotiations toward a ceasefire.

— Rebecca Shimoni Stoil

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