Spiritual girl Madonna heads to ‘the center of world energy’

Pop queen due in Israel Friday; will visit holy sites before launching her world tour in Ramat Gan

Aaron Kalman is a former writer and breaking news editor for the Times of Israel

Madonna performs in Tel Aviv during her Sticky and Sweet Tour in September 2009. (Amir Meiri/Flash90)
Madonna performs in Tel Aviv during her Sticky and Sweet Tour in September 2009. (Amir Meiri/Flash90)

After double checking that her flight would land before sundown and the onset of Shabbat, Madonna is set to arrive in Israel on Friday — officially to launch her world tour, but also to visit numerous holy sites in line with her interest in Jewish spiritualism.

The mega-diva will spend nine days in Israel, which she was quoted Thursday as calling “the center of world energy.”

“If there is peace in Israel, there will be peace in the world,” the pop queen said, according to the Hebrew daily Maariv.

Madonna, who has for many years explored kabbalah Jewish mysticism, adopted the named Esther in 2004, and at one point was reportedly interested in purchasing a home near the kabbalistic city of Safed, will spend the first days of her visit in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and will reportedly gather a minyan — prayer quorum — for Sabbath prayers. She will spent the Sunday Shavuot holiday at the Kabbalah Center in Tel Aviv. On Tuesday, she is set to participate — with 800 others — in a Tel Aviv kabbalah seminar given by Eitan Yardeni, her kabbalah teacher, who is accompanying her on the visit, as are her three children.

After visiting the Western Wall, the adjacent underground tunnels and other holy sites in the two large cities, she plans to head north and visit burial sites of kabbalistic significance, including that of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai — whom legend states authored the Zohar, the ancient basic kabbalistic text.

Madonna will end her visit with a performance at Israel’s national soccer stadium in Ramat Gan on May 31, where tens of thousands are hoping to get an up-close glimpse of the queen.

The former “Material Girl” has, in recent years, been described as Sabbath-observant and her diet reportedly excludes non-kosher foods. The published dates on her world tour, which runs to November, include no Friday night performances.


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