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Podcast: Meet the prime minister who led Israel’s first political ‘Upheaval’

For director Jonathan Gruber, Menachem Begin’s messages of fighting for Jewish pride and accepting all Jews as brothers has never been more timely

Even as the State of Israel appears poised to usher in a new era of politics, this week on Times Will Tell we are looking back at the prime minister who, in 1977, wrought the original mahapach or “Upheaval” — Menachem Begin.

We’re speaking with director Jonathan Gruber, whose English-language film about Begin, “Upheaval,” opened this week.

Gruber paints a complex picture of the prime minister, a self-proclaimed “simple Jew” from Poland, whose Zionism led him to become one of Israel’s founders and most influential leaders.

“One thing that needed to be weaved throughout the film was Menachem Begin’s relationship to the Holocaust and that really and truly every decision that he made, it seemed, not unlike other Holocaust survivors, was filtered through that,” said Gruber.

“So I wanted to make sure that that theme was always there, whether it was about the bombing of the Osirak nuclear reactor, whether it was about negotiating the Camp David Accords, whether it was blowing up the King David Hotel. Those were all things that related to Jews that will not go silently or quietly,” said Gruber.

The film, well worth viewing for the star-studded cast of interviewees and remarkable historical images and footage, is available now in virtual theaters.

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