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Buy Instagram Followers from These 14 Trusted Sites: IG Shortcut to Success

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It’s almost impossible to grow a thriving modern business without a solid social media strategy. Building an impressive Instagram presence is especially important for raising brand awareness, and you can’t do that without a significant number of followers.

That’s where you run into a problem — you need followers to get followers.

There’s an easy solution. Buying Instagram followers boosts your growing brand’s credibility and visibility immediately. You can bet that all your competitors already buy Instagram followers from high-end platforms, and you’re missing out on an opportunity if you don’t follow suit.

Don’t struggle to build your Instagram presence any longer, and find out which sites let you buy real Instagram followers with active accounts.

1. Twicsy

Twicsy is hands-down the best place to buy Instagram followers. That’s because this affordable service only offers real Instagram users who are active on the social media platform every day and have a high follower count.

Buying real followers ensures that neither the Instagram algorithm nor the future customers you’re trying to attract will ever need to know that you purchased followers and likes.

You can even choose your target audience when you buy Instagram followers from Twicsy. This key feature makes your account more visible to the organic followers you are trying to attract, and your new followers’ followers have a high chance of exploring your page.

Choose Twicsy if you need your Instagram followers to be real people with genuine profiles, and you want to buy Instagram followers from a trusted platform that doesn’t use bots.

Growing brands can count on Twicsy to deliver followers immediately after placing an order, boosting your social media presence significantly within 24 hours. The new followers who come to your Instagram page through Twicsy stay around for the long haul, making it easier to cement an efficient social media strategy that attracts organic followers.

Do you want to buy Instagram likes, views, and comments to make your content and hashtags more visible? Twicsy works with large companies, small businesses, and Instagram influencers who need high-quality likes and views at highly competitive rates, so reach out to their support team.

Twicsy’s excellent customer support team is another big plus. They’re available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you determine your needs, and they offer a wide range of payment methods (with PayPal soon to be added to the list).

2. Buzzoid

Buying Instagram followers from Buzzoid is an excellent way to grow your social media presence and build authority. This Instagram growth service connects you with high-quality Instagram followers who are exceptionally active on the platform and send the right message to your target demographic.

When you buy active Instagram followers from Buzzoid, you can choose from three different follower packages:

  • High-quality Instagram followers are real users who organically use Instagram and fall into your target audience.
  • Premium Instagram followers have verified ticks and practically live on the platform, which is essential if you’re aiming for trending content that makes it onto the explore page.
  • The managed-growth option is perfect for businesses aiming to grow their online presence over time. Buzzoid assigns you a case manager if you go this route.

Genuine followers flood in the moment you decide to work with Buzzoid if you pick high-quality or premium followers. The managed-growth package is designed to give you the slow and steady growth you would expect if you built your organic followers from the ground up using proven social media strategies.

After watching your new followers flock to your account, you can invest in Instagram likes and views through Buzzoid, too. Buzzoid has a stellar customer service team, and selecting the package you need to achieve your social media goals is easy.

3. Rushmax

Rushmax is one of the most popular Instagram marketing agencies for influencers and companies looking to buy organic Instagram followers, and it’s easy to see why so many incorporate the Instagram growth service into their social media marketing strategy. Rushmax has become well-known for delivering followers who are legitimately interested in your account, creating the buzz you need to grow your business.

Rushmax has a strict “no bots” policy — the company will never do anything that could jeopardize your organic growth. Over 100,000 influencers and businesses have already grown their Instagram accounts with Rushmax’s help, and the growth service has excellent customer reviews.

Do you need a lot of new Instagram followers to raise your profile and boost your engagement? Rushmax’s prices have a sliding scale, so you get a handsome discount on bulk orders of over 1,000 followers. In addition, Rushmax allows you to pay by PayPal and with credit cards.

4. iDigic

People hoping to buy Instagram followers from a trusted source can’t go wrong with iDigic. As one of the best quality services to grow your Insta presence, iDigic has been on the market since 2011. iDigic is industry-famous for supplying legitimate followers with completed bios and quality content within minutes.

The followers you gain from iDigic won’t unfollow you within weeks, either, meaning you can count on lasting results.

Because iDigic matches you with Instagram followers in your target audience, you can count on your new followers to explore your page and boost your visibility. If that’s not enough, iDigic also sells Instagram likes and views that are guaranteed to increase your engagement rate.

iDigic is so confident in its ability to deliver Instagram followers that they promise within 30 seconds of ordering that the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

5. InstaPulse

InstaPulse is a solid place to turn if you need real Instagram followers at an affordable price, and the website also offers Instagram likes and views to build your brand.

InstaPulse delivers new followers in record time, but unfortunately doesn’t let you choose your target audience. That means not all of your followers will bring organic traffic to your Instagram page.

6. The Social Edge

As a newer website connecting growing brands with the Instagram followers they need to build a strong presence, the Social Edge offers competitive prices.

Most of the followers you gain if you buy Instagram followers from this site are real people active on Instagram, but not all have high follower counts, and many joined Insta recently. That’s an issue because aged social media accounts look much more legitimate. In addition, the Social Edge hasn’t been around long enough to have many customer reviews.

Choose the Social Edge if you need Instagram followers at bargain rates, but go with one of the top-rated platforms if quality followers are your priority.

7. BuzzWorx

BuzzWorx focuses on getting you the Instagram followers you need to grow. It offers multiple different follower packages and promises that only real accounts will follow you. The fact that BuzzWorx takes PayPal is another notable plus for emerging businesses.

However, BuzzWorks doesn’t have a 24/7 customer support team, and that’s a big disadvantage if you have questions about your order or need immediate help.

8. ViralVerse Marketing

ViralVerse Marketing is another good choice for new businesses desperate to gain Insta followers quickly. This website offers decent customer service and delivers what it promises — new Instagram followers.

Because you can’t select your target audience by gender, location, age, or interests, not all your new followers will be relevant. ViralVerse is, therefore, best for influencers seeking to attract a large and varied audience but less suitable for brands with clearly-defined niches.

You should also note that while you can pay with bitcoin, ViralVerse does not accept PayPal.

9. SocialXcelerate Co.

SocialXcelerate Co. is a boutique service suitable for anyone who wants to grow their Instagram account more quickly. Thanks to its affordable prices, even students hoping to build an impressive Instagram presence can look forward to the followers they crave. However, the fact that not all the accounts that follow you have completed bios, and some accounts are very new, is a red flag. Use this service at your own risk!

10.  The Social Lab

The Social Lab connects growing brands with real people who are very active on IG, making it easy to select your target demographic when you buy Instagram followers. However, you can’t count on holding onto these followers because they tend to unfollow you after two to three weeks. Unless you plan to leverage this temporary spike in followers to attract organic users, that’s a real problem.

11. SocialSphere Solutions

SocialSphere Solutions is a great option for companies that only need Instagram followers and are not interested in buying likes for their Instagram posts. Buying Instagram followers from SocialSphere Solutions will boost your engagement by showing other users that your page is worth paying attention to. Brands that need a full-service Instagram growth package that includes likes and comments are out of luck, however, because SocialSphere Solutions doesn’t offer these services.

12. The Social Hive

The Social Hive makes many of the same promises as the other websites that sell Instagram followers and likes — high-quality, genuine Instagram profiles, customizable follower packages, and no bots. It delivers, but at a higher price than many of the other services on this list.

That’s a real shame because the followers trickle in at a slower rate as well. You may be promised fast delivery (within 24 hours), but you will realistically wait quite a bit longer.

13. TrendVibes Agency

TrendVibes Agency offers three simple packages for people who want to buy Instagram followers — 100, 500, and 1,000 followers. It has quick delivery and is a good option for companies and influencers who need cheap Instagram followers, but TrendVibes Agency doesn’t offer likes, views, or comments. Unfortunately, the Instagram service doesn’t offer discounts for bulk buyers either.

14. SocialImpact Solutions

SocialImpact Solutions may appeal to brands looking to buy Instagram followers for exceptionally low prices. They offer a quick delivery time on smaller orders, but the site’s pool of available followers is too small to be able to help you gain a lot of followers quickly.

The Best Places to Buy Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram followers is a popular way to build your presence on the platform at lightning speeds — allowing you to leverage that short-term success to connect with your target demographics.

Contrary to popular belief, buying IG followers is neither illegal nor in violation of Instagram’s terms. Instagram has policies against fake Instagram followers and bot accounts, but the best Instagram services connect you with real followers who genuinely love your brand. The idea behind buying Instagram followers is social proof. That first wave of Instagram followers will inspire others to connect with you, too.

There’s nothing shady about that — it’s just excellent social media marketing.

Instagram growth services have become ubiquitous, however, and it’s hard to know where to start. You should always aim to buy high-quality followers from a service that:

  • Offers real and active followers within your target audience.
  • Has zero tolerance for fake accounts and bots.
  • Also offers Instagram likes, views, and comments to raise your brand’s authority.
  • Have 24/7 customer support.
  • Has a stellar reputation and excellent customer reviews.

Twicsy, Buzzoid, Rushmax, and iDigic are the clear winners. These services tick all the right boxes and more — allowing you to grow an Instagram presence you can build on with increased engagement, conversions, and loyal followers that stick around.

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