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Cannabis Seed: 10 Best Seed Bank that Ship to US

Promoted Content: The best seed banks help you buy and grow quality cannabis seeds. Find out the top seed banks to consider for marijuana seeds.

The best seed banks offer the highest quality genetics, supreme customer support, and fantastic variety. If you want top-tier homegrown cannabis, that’s where to start.

Growing your own marijuana plants seemed far-fetched a couple of decades ago. In those days, cannabis was illegal in most states. But that has gradually changed. Check your state’s marijuana laws to be safe, though.

Nowadays, online seed banks in the USA are plentiful. Cannabis seeds exist for every type of grower, and loads of educational resources are available. Whether you prefer feminized, fast version, auto-flowering, or regular seeds, there is something for everyone. .

To grow the best cannabis plants, you need the best cannabis seeds too. A good cannabis seed bank has top-quality genetics, various strains, and all the seed types to meet your growing needs. We share details on the 10 best seed banks to start your cultivation journey today.

Editor’s Choice


Why Is It Better?

  • Amazing Customer Support From Grow Experts
  • Huge Variety of Genetics
  • High-quality Cannabis Seeds
  • Best Deals

Top 10 Best Seed Banks In 2023

  1. ILGM – Best Seed Bank For Variety
  2. SeedSupreme – Best Prices and Variety
  3. Crop King Seeds – Best Germination Guarantee
  4. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best Genetics and Cultivation Support
  5. Seedsman – Best For Bulk Buying
  6. Herbies Seeds – Best Worldwide Shipping
  7. MSNL Seed Bank – Best Medical Seeds
  8. Quebec Cannabis  – Best Fast Version Seeds
  9. Growers Choice Seed – Best For Free Seeds
  10. Weed Seed Express – Best Customer Service


>> Click Here to Get Good Deals on ILGM <<


  • It comes with free shipping
  • Offers guaranteed delivery
  • Impressive guaranteed germination


  • The support team can be slow sometimes

There has been so much hype around using the seeds from ILGM. Well, it is not just hype because it is a reputable seed bank that offers the best feminized and auto-flowering seeds. Other categories of the seed bank include beginners, mix packs, and deals. So, if you do not know how to grow cannabis seeds, there are options for you to start with right away.

We like how ILGM tends to have sales or offers quite often. This is when you can get the best deals, unlike other marijuana seed banks. Make sure to check out the website more often for deals. If you are stuck in choosing, consider strains such as White Widow, Super Skunk, Grandaddady Purple, GG4 feminized, and more.

Free shipping is available from the brand. It ships daily to all U.S. states, so it should also not take long before you can get the desired product. There is also guaranteed delivery with this brand. In case the first package does not arrive, expect a replacement soon. Also, its guaranteed germination policy and free seeds make it admirable among buyers.

2. SeedSupreme 

>> Click Here to Get Good Deals on SeedSupreme <<


  • Offers discreet USA delivery
  • Safe and secure payment methods
  • Over 1,500 high-quality strains
  • Guaranteed Delivery


  • Some strains go out of stock fast

SeedSupreme is one of the best seed banks in the USA. It boasts an incredible catalog with over 1,500 strains from world-renowned breeders. Beginner-friendly, high-yielding, THC-heavy, and hybrid cultivars are just a few options. Buy cannabis seeds in bulk, pick your favorites, or choose from various categories—all at affordable prices. Purple Strain seeds, Kush seeds, Haze seeds, and Skunk seeds are some popular choices.

Free marijuana seeds come with every order and you get free shipping on orders over $90. Some best-sellers at SeedSupreme include CBD Cheese, Gorilla Glue #4, Sour Diesel, and Girl Scout Cookies. With regular promotions and deals, you can buy the best cannabis seeds at SeedSupreme, and save too.  

As one of the biggest and best seed banks, SeedSupreme also offers guaranteed delivery, crypto payment methods, and stealth shipping. If you need cultivation guidance, grow experts are on standby via customer support. Head to the site’s blog section to learn about the benefits of the cannabis plant, indoor or outdoor growing, training techniques, and more.

3. Crop King Seeds

>> Click Here to Get Good Deals on Crop King Seeds <<


  • History of quality seeds
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Over 700 strains


  • A few delays in bulk orders

Crop King Seeds is not new among reputable seed banks. It is now possible to buy cannabis seeds online, knowing they will do quite well. Talking of performance, the brand offers high-quality cannabis seeds with an 80% germination rate. Such a rate is good even for those who are skeptical about the quality of the seeds offered.

That is not all, the brand also offers hundreds of popular strains. With over 700 strains, finding the best strain you want is easy. The popular ones include Black Indica, Blue Cookies, Bubba Kush, Cali OG, Crown Royale, and Dark Angel. Since its website is easy to navigate, you should have no problem finding the right strain.

There is the option of talking to an expert using their chat box. Here is where you can get information on the seeds you are interested in before buying. We like how there are free seeds, too, with the orders. As much as you have to spend a certain amount to get them, it is still a good move.  

4. Homegrown Cannabis Co.

>> Click Here to Get Good Deals on Homegrown Cannabis Co. <<


  • High germination guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Expert grow guides
  • Free seed deals


  • Conditional free shipping

Homegrown Cannbis Co. is a top seed bank among commercial and home growers alike. With the most extensive range of in-house genetics worldwide, premium quality is a given. Expect nothing but the best cannabis seeds with over 500 superb cultivars. Choose by flowering type, cultivation preference, or variety with options like high THC seeds, medical seeds, hybrid seeds, and more.

With its sterling reputation, Homegrown Cannabis Co. is one of the best seed banks around. It offers everything from global best-sellers to old-school classics with new strains added regularly. The ‘Homegrown Originals’ and ‘Cultivars With Characters’ catalogs are loaded with exclusive, expertly-bred cannabis seeds you won’t find anywhere else.

This top seed bank also works with well-known cannabis experts like Kyle Kushman to bring you professional growing guidance. Besides YouTube tutorials, in-depth guides, and a ‘PotCast,’ it also has an active and supportive Homegrown Forum. It offers a germination guarantee, 24/7 customer support, and a loyalty program too. Enjoy free seed deals, save with frequent promotions, and start your free Homegrown Diary to track your growing progress.

5. Seedsman

>> Click Here to Get Good Deals on Seedsman<<


  • Works with top breeders
  • Offers free growing guides
  • Offers promotions often


  • Slow email response sometimes

Seedsman has one of the best-designed websites in the cannabis seeds industry. It is so easy to find what you need from the home page. This includes high-quality weed seeds, breeders, free guides on growing marijuana, and goods and accessories. Even if you have trouble, the support team is on standby to help also.

What are some of the best seeds to consider? We recommend Fuel D.O.G, Purple Ghost Candy, Watermelon Zkittlez, Runtz Auto, and more. Scrolling through the list of seeds, you can always find many more options to consider. The seed bank has been in business for over 20 years and is present in 190 countries; thus, it should be easy to deliver your seeds faster.

The company has worked with many breeders, including the Dutch Passion Seed Company, Royal Queen Seeds, 42 Fast Buds, and Barney’s Farm. This has made it possible for people to buy the seeds confidently, knowing they are high quality. Since the seeds are 100% authentic, expect a high germination rate.

6. Herbies Seeds

>> Click Here to Get Good Deals on Herbies Seeds <<


  • Worldwide stealth shipping
  • Free seeds for every purchase
  • Affordable cannabis seeds


  • It could use more beginner seeds

Herbies Seeds is another top brand among seed banks that sell cannabis seeds. Just like the others before it, expect high-quality marijuana seeds. We recommend considering options such as Runtz Muffin, Grandmommy Purple, GG4, and more. Once on the website, go through the high-quality seeds to find the ones you can handle.

Like the best online seed banks, this one comes with free seeds with every purchase. More seeds mean more plants for you. Having 100% guaranteed satisfaction makes it one of the best brands in the market. You will be happy with the way the customer service handles your queries.

Stealth shipping is another reason to consider the brand. At least you know the seeds will be packaged in a way that allows for easy delivery. There are also multiple payment methods to make it easy for you to make the purchase.

7. MSNL Seed Bank

>> Click Here to Get Good Deals on MSNL Seed Bank <<


  • Good for rare seed strains
  • Gives promos more often
  • Free seeds with every order


  • Shipping is not the fasted

This is one of the oldest cannabis seed banks in the market, with over 20 years of experience. With such experience, it comes with perks. At least you would know that the overall seed quality is the best, unlike what you get with most seed banks. You also get rare seed strains which can be worthwhile if you take good care of them.

The free cannabis seeds on every order, plus other goodies, make the seed back great. You can expect to come across major strain types in the market from this seed bank. Even those who need medical strains can easily access them here. The brand also offers some great offers if it is during the holiday season or a special holiday is coming up.

We also appreciate the blog section of the brand. Here, you can learn much about how to grow cannabis seeds. You also learn about which seeds to buy based on your skill level. At least you would not be stuck with seeds you cannot grow.

8. Quebec Cannabis Seeds

>> Click Here to Get Good Deals on Quebec Cannabis Seeds <<


  • Worldwide shipping
  • Hundreds of strains
  • High-quality seeds


  • Lacks crypto payment methods

Quebec Cannabis Seeds, or QCS, is a Canadian seed bank that provides you with quality auto-flowering cannabis seeds, feminized seeds, and other types too. It can introduce a lot more new seeds quite often. If you check the website more often, you will find new strains you could try growing.

The price is also within the affordable range. This is when you look at the various strains the brand offers. To make the price even better, you can get free shipping for orders over $200. This should make you spend more to get more goodies from the company. Worldwide shipping leaves you with a great way of getting the seeds no matter where you are.

Payments are easy to complete and it should not take long before you can get your cannabis seeds. We wish the brand introduced more payment methods. For now, credit cards and E-transfer will work for most people.  

9. Growers Choice Seed

>> Click Here to Get Good Deals on Growers Choice Seed <<


  • Great online reputation
  • Multiple seed types
  • Impressive loyalty program


  • It could use more stains

You may want to consider this brand for its premium marijuana seeds. Looking at reviews from other users, it is one place to buy premium seeds, including auto-flowering seeds. This is mostly because of the premium cannabis genetics that the brand uses.

Before you can buy marijuana seeds online, you would want to check the germination rate of such a brand. In this case, you will find that it offers a 90% germination guarantee. If the seeds do not germinate, expect the brand to replace them.

Since you might be looking to buy cannabis seeds from another country other than the U.S., you will be happy to know it offers worldwide shipping. It has patterned with several couriers, including USPS ensuring you can get the seeds fast.

10. Weed Seed Express 

>> Click Here to Get Good Deals on Weed Seed Express <<


  • Stellar customer service
  • Multiple premium strains
  • High germination guarantee


  • Lacks rare strains

If you want your cannabis plants to thrive, then you need seeds from the most reputable seed banks, including Weed Seed Express. You will come across many options from the brand, including seeds for beginners, feminized seeds, auto flower seeds, and CBD seeds. You can start growing marijuana after finding out which seeds works for you.

Weed Seed Express features stellar customer service. This is the right customer service you need to ensure you get the most out of growing cannabis seeds, with other 150 premium strains that should work well for various soil profiles. The weed seed catalog keeps expanding, so expect more strains.

The seed bank also has a great germination guarantee of 96.1%. This is one of the highest in the market. Expect to get free seeds with each order, whose aim is to help you achieve a 100% germination rate. So, you will be happy with the results of your purchase.

What Are Cannabis Seed Banks?

Cannabis seed banks are like any other seed banks for other types of seeds. Within the cannabis seed bank, all viable weed seeds are well-preserved until someone buys them. All you have to do is grow the seeds within the recommended soil profile once you buy from online seed banks.

Depending on the seed bank, you can find several options for cannabis seeds. You must understand the genetics and phenotypes of marijuana seeds before buying. A reputable seed bank offers multiple options to buy cannabis seeds. Some even have free seeds and impressive germination guarantees.

Are Seed Banks Legit?

Before deciding which seed bank to use for buying marijuana seeds, you want to know whether they are legit. The good news is that most seed banks are legit. So long as they have a trustworthy reputation and operate legally, you can always buy from them.

Still, you have to consider your location. This determines if you can get cannabis seeds or not. If there are laws prohibiting you from owning several cannabis seeds at ago, take note of that. The last thing you need is to deal with law enforcement agencies once you order your marijuana seeds.

Types Of Cannabis Seed To Buy Online

Online cannabis seed banks have multiple options for those who want to buy cannabis seeds. Most retailers arrange the marijuana seeds based on their types. The majority of cannabis seeds fall under three main categories. These include regular seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, and auto-flowering seeds.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are achieved by crossing male cannabis plants and female cannabis plants. The resulting seeds can either be male or female.

In this case, the rate at which you can get male or female plants is known at the flowering stage. That is when you can see the sex of the plant. While many people hope for female plants to get the cannabis flower, regular seeds are ideal for breeders or those who wish to experiment with strain creation.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds differ from the regular seeds as they grow into female plants producing the desired bud or flower.

Feminized seeds are created by manipulating a cannabis plant’s genetics to produce female-only seeds.. How is this possible? Breeders use various techniques referred to as “feminization.”. One method involves spraying the flower sites with Colloidal Silver to help lead to a chemical change in the plant. This results in the crop producing male sacs containing pollen instead of buds.

When pollination occurs, you end up with feminized seeds whose germination leaves you with female-only plants 99% of the time. Many people enjoy the hassle-free harvest that comes with an all-female grow. There is no need to sex your plants and remove unwanted males during the growth cycle.

Auto-flowering Seeds

Auto-flowering seeds are popular among first-time growers and those wanting quick harvests.. As their name suggests, auto-flower seeds flower when they hit maturity. Unlike photoperiod varieties, these cannabis plants do not rely on light cycle changes to start flowering. Most of them flower in about 10 weeks after planting. This makes them ideal for indoor growers who want year-round harvests.

To get auto-flowering seeds, modern strains are crossed with Cannabis Ruderalis strains. These strains mostly grow in the North and South pole where there is limited sunlight for extended periods. As such, these cannabis seeds come with a different lifespan than those growing close to the equator.

How We Made This List Of Best Cannabis Seed Banks


You will likely come across many options to buy cannabis seeds. You should always buy from the right one, such as the best seed banks mentioned above.But how did we make the list? Below we share the criteria we used to recommend the best cannabis seed banks.

Strain Options

The best marijuana seed banks have several strains of cannabis seeds available. Even if they offer cheap cannabis seeds, the strain variety is important. We look at several brands in the market to understand their seed quality and variety. All the recommended options above offer different seed types, including auto-flowering, regular, and feminized seeds.

Guarantees On Seeds

Whether you prefer outdoor seeds or you are an indoor grower, you should have a guarantee on the seeds you are buying. Will they germinate? We look at the germination guarantee, among other guarantees to see if the brand is worth listing as the best cannabis seed bank.

Customer Support

The top USA seed banks have the best feminized, auto-flowering, and regular seeds.But what happens when you need more information about them? Is the support team helpful? That is why we also consider each seed bank’s customer support to see if it will give you the best information about its seeds and how you can grow them.


Discounted cannabis seeds are popular among all growers, and free weed seeds are even better. We seek brands with the best offers and look at how they can help you save more money when you buy cannabis seeds online.

Helpful Information On Growing

The best seed banks mentioned above have enough information on how to grow cannabis seeds. This is vital, especially when you are new to the industry. Most top online seed banks have blogs detailing the steps to plant and care for cannabis plants until harvest time.

Tips To Choose The Best Cannabis Seeds

You can only get the best cannabis seeds if you know what you want. It is wise to consider these tips while seeking the best cannabis seeds.

Know The Law In Your Area

Before you can even buy seeds from the best seed banks, what is the law on cannabis seeds in your area? Is the seed bank allowed to ship to your location? In some states or counties, you are only required to have enough seeds to grow for personal consumption. If caught with excess cannabis plants, it could be trouble for you.

Understand The Cannabis Strains

You may be looking for cannabis seeds that lead to buds with high contents of THC or CBD. That all comes down to the type of strain. An online cannabis seed bank often groups its seeds based on the strains. Look through the strain options to see which profile you recognize before buying. Also, the type of seeds, such as auto-flowering cannabis seeds and feminized seeds, can determine your choice based on cannabis strains.  

Discreet Shipping And Guaranteed Delivery

Now that you have purchased the cannabis seeds, is a guaranteed delivery option available? Many of the best seed banks understand that people may be intrigued to steal your package since they are cannabis seed strains. That is why they would offer the guaranteed delivery option. If your package is not delivered after the said days, the company dispatches another one for delivery.

You may like free shipping and free seeds from a company, but what about discreet or stealth shipping? It would be nice to know that you can get discreet shipping so that not everyone knows you are buying cannabis seeds. It is also for the package’s safety so that it does not get stolen easily.

Payment Methods

A good seed bank has multiple payment methods. Many seed banks offer the option of using your credit card, bank transfer, or other digital wallets. Some companies allow Bitcoin and other stablecoin payment methods.

People who would like to maintain their privacy even further would want to use Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies.

Germination Guarantee

It can be so demoralizing when you opt to plant seeds, and they do not germinate. Luckily, some brands offer guarantees on seed germination. Actually, it is now a popular thing that only a few cannabis seed banks lack this guarantee. Such a guarantee gives the user confidence in the seeds. We recommend picking a brand with over 70% germination guarantee for the best results.

Growing Difficulty

If someone is new to buying cannabis seeds online and growing them, then it can be tough getting the right seeds. SeedSupreme and other seed banks often categorize their seeds based on the growing difficulty. This means that if you are a beginner, you can always get the right seeds for your expertise. The same applies to experts who want the best seeds to utilize their skills.


Whether you buy medicinal or recreational seeds from the best seed bank, the price greatly determines what you get. So, does the company often offer discounts on its seeds? Is there value for money buying from a certain seed bank? These are the questions to ask based on price. You may get some seed banks offering discounts around the festive season. That might be the best time for you to get the seeds for yourself.


The best cannabis seed bank should be able to cater to your needs whether you are looking for male and female seeds or feminized seeds. The best online seed bank will also have a variety of seeds to consider and leave you feeling good about it. Please understand the seed types you are buying and how well they can work for you. With that in mind, you should get the best cannabis seeds and grow the best cannabis plants too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best seed genetics in the US?

You can expect to get the best seed genetics from SeedSupreme, Homegrown Cannabis Co., and ILGM if you are in the US. Not many seed banks can match the seed quality you get from these two big seed banks. Homegrown Cannabis Co. also offers exclusive genetics.

  1. Which is the genetically purest seed stock?

The nucleus seed stock is 100% genetically pure and contains the best physical purity compared to the other seed types. It is made from basic nucleus seed stock and has a pedigree certificate showing its purity.

  1. Which is the world’s largest seed gene bank?

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault stands out as the largest gene bank among the many others in the market. It is also the most famous too.

  1. Does the US have a seed vault?

Yes. The US has multiple seed vaults with 20 gene banks in the country. You can expect to come across multiple seed vaults as their demand increases worldwide.  

  1. Which are the best indoor seeds, and where can I purchase them?

This depends on the needs of the buyer. However, common options include White Widow, Super Skunk, Northern Lights, Blue Dream, Big Bud, and LSD. Read more reviews on the cannabis seeds to ensure they are what you need.

  1. What is the toughest seed to germinate?

You can expect cannabis strains such as Shogun, Haze Berry, Chocolate Haze, and Amnesia Haze to be challenging to grow. If you are new to growing cannabis, these are not the seeds to start with.

  1. Is ILGM a reliable seed bank?

Yes. The company is transparent about its breeding process and the various cannabis seeds it offers. With multiple cannabis seeds available, getting something that works for you is easy.

  1. Is it legal to order cannabis seeds in the US?

It depends on your location. Some places allow you to order a limited number of cannabis seeds to grow for personal use. Others do not allow it at all. It is advisable to consult your local laws to understand whether it is allowed.

  1. What is the most famous seed bank?

ILGM is the most famous seed bank in the market. It is followed by SeedSupreme, Seedsman, Herbies Seed, Homegrown Cannabis Co., and Rocket Seeds. The others mentioned on this list are equally good.


Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely substitutes for sound medical or financial advice from a licensed healthcare provider or certified financial advisor. Make sure to consult with a professional physician or financial consultant before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed as the statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA, or Health Canada approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and do not provide any kind of get-rich money scheme. Reviewer is not responsible for pricing inaccuracies. Check product sales page for final prices.

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