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Tal Navarro is taking over Beverly Hills with Social Lady, her one-stop marketing shop

Tal Navarro (courtesy)
Tal Navarro (courtesy)

Social media has become an integral part of the modern business community. It has provided multiple avenues for businesses to simultaneously brand, market, and integrate themselves into the broader potential market. It is an independent market with distinct marketing terms different from traditional marketing concepts. As a business, you need to understand these terms and, more significantly, how the markets work for you to survive.

Alternatively, you can get professional digital marketing services from experts in the field, and there are numerous companies solely established to offer digital marketing services. Social Lady Digital Agency is a digital marketing company that helps businesses, influencers, and brands succeed through building their online business. They offer a wide variety of online services such as social media account management, leads generation, content creation, influencer marketing, media ads, lectures and workshops, web development and design, and much more.

Social Lady Digital Agency was established over ten years ago by Tal Navarro, a renowned entrepreneur and digital marketer. She is a highly experienced expert in the online space (15 years of experience) and a pioneer in digital marketing in Israel. Tal is also a celebrated international speaker, lifestyle blogger, TV personality, and the owner of

Tal founded the first social media department at Adler Chomski & Warshavsky. Since its establishment, Tal has been instrumental in its operations, nurturing the company to become one of the leading advertising agencies in Israel. The department has also played a significant role in introducing Israel’s business community to the rest of the world through social media and digital marketing.

Her passion for the industry made her establish SUMO, the first-ever Israeli college for social media marketing, at 2011. This was driven by the desire to educate the Israeli population on the fast-rising need to capitalize on the online market. Through SUMO, Tal has reached, introduced, and taught thousands of people in the country. Her contributions to digital marketing in Israel gained her Israeli Forbes recognition in their list of Israel’s top 40 young and successful people.

Tal has also gained global recognition as a top mind in digital marketing. She was the head of digital marketing for the highly coveted LA Fashion Week. She is the producer of their influencer event that has gained praise from all corners of the globe.

Currently based in the US, Tal has taken Beverly Hills by storm with her Social Lady Digital Agency. The firm serves as a one-stop shop for all your online marketing needs. Tal has grown the company to become a top-tier business that takes your online presence to the next level. She delivers above expectations and has mastered the art of leads generation, sales through social media and email marketing, while picking the right images and captions to match your audience and target market. Social Lady is also known for its excellent professional skills and exceptional customer service.

Her contributions and efforts in the digital marketing world have seen her become part of the Beverly Hills City Initiative’s program Next BH. Through the program, Tal has been able to revolutionize the Beverly Hills digital world. She worked closely with the Beverly Hills Mayor and NextGen community, helping them uncover the digital space’s full potential, right before pandemic hit.

To Tal, digital marketing is no longer an alternative marketing tool but an essential strategy for any business to experience success.

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