Vandals smash Thessaloniki university’s memorial to Jewish cemetery

University in northern Greece was built on site of graveyard destroyed during Nazi occupation

The vandalized Jewish cemetery monument in Thessaloniki. (Twitter)
The vandalized Jewish cemetery monument in Thessaloniki. (Twitter)

THESSALONIKI, Greece — A university in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city, said Friday that unknown vandals smashed a campus monument that marks the site of a former Jewish cemetery.

The University of Thessaloniki issued a statement condemning the significant damage inflicted on the marble monument overnight.

The centuries-old cemetery was razed during the German Nazi occupation, and the university was built on its site.

Thessaloniki’s large Jewish community was almost entirely wiped out by Nazi forces during World War II.

The vandalism on the campus in northern Greece occurred with the annual observance of International Holocaust Remembrance Day taking place on Sunday.

Several Jewish monuments in Greece have been vandalized in recent years.

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