Times of Israel video report

Watch: Police safeguard prayers for Women of the Wall

For the first time, security forces hold back ultra-Orthodox demonstrators, not the pluralistic women who gather each month in prayers shawls and tefillin

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox teenagers, bused in for an organized protest, were prevented from halting the Women of the Wall in their monthly egalitarian prayer session at the Western Wall on Friday.

In the past, the Women of the Wall have faced arrest. But a Jerusalem court ruling last month said they should be allowed to hold their Rosh Hodesh (new moon) service at the Western Wall undisturbed.

So police formed a barricade in the plaza to keep large crowds of ultra-Orthodox men, women and youngsters from advancing on the liberal women’s group.

The Times of Israel’s Ricky Ben-David was there to film the morning’s events as they unfolded.

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