Two Israeli Air Force pilots were sent to a military jail over a near-accident on Independence Day that saw the heavy transport planes they were flying touch wings during a celebratory flyover.

In addition to the imprisonment of the pilots, 10 members of the planes’ crew were grounded. A Channel 2 report said the punishments would last a few days, but gave no exact details.

The news of the punishment of the pilots and crew members involved in the incident came as Channel 2 published video footage Tuesday evening showing the wings of the two Shimshon Hercules aircraft touching in the air.

The footage was taken by two amateur cameramen as the planes flew over the Tel Aviv coastline.

The IAF first learned that the planes grazed after they landed, when scratch marks were found on their wings.

The army said at the time that the incident had not endangered any lives and that it was investigating it.

The IAF has issued new rules for pilots and crew members during flights as a result of the incident, Channel 2 reported.

Judah Ari Gross contributed to this report.