5 pro-Israel videos you’ve got to share
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5 pro-Israel videos you’ve got to share

The best way to combat anti-Israel incitement online is to spread the truth. Here’s how

A screenshot from 'The Right Thing... the Easy Way.' (4IL.org.il)
A screenshot from 'The Right Thing... the Easy Way.' (4IL.org.il)

In an era where false news clogs social media feeds and everybody seems to have an agenda, it sometimes feels like there’s a virtual drought of fact-based information available.

So what do you do when organizations cynically mislead students who just want what’s best for the world? You start a campaign of your own, of course.

This month, Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan announced the launch of 4IL, an online initiative aimed at stemming the flow of misinformation coming from anti-Israel groups.

Movements like Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) masquerade as seeking relief for Palestinians, when in fact they advocate for the destruction of Israel.

By targeting students on college campuses and feeding them faulty and incomplete information, BDS galvanizes people who may not have been previously familiar with the facts about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Young people are more prepared to take a stand for causes not directly affecting them than ever before – but are they prepared to study history first? The new 4IL platform gives Israel supporters videos, graphics, articles and content with which to spread the truth to a cohort that may not otherwise invest time learning the ins and outs of a nuanced topic.

The goal is to share information in a form anyone can use. 4IL already has a YouTube channel loaded with videos that educate about Israel – and about staying informed in a world where we often take information for granted.

Here are five of our favorites to share with your friends.

1. Armchair activism can be a good thing!

What’s the most efficient way for a responsible person like you to lend a helping hand? Spoiler: It’s easier than you think. Introducing 4IL.

2. Hold the double standards, please.

It’s a sad state of affairs out there — poverty, destruction, hunger. So why is the world focusing on a “problem” that doesn’t really exist?

3. College students are learning, right?

We get it, they’ve got their grades to worry about. But you’d be surprised at how many ridiculous fake “facts” these budding scholars believe about Israel. Hummus, anyone?

4. Looks can be deceiving.

What happens when the good guys turn out to be the bad guys? Introducing a “nonviolent” movement that buddies up to terror and advocates the destruction of Israel.

5. What if people said what they really mean?

The lack of critical thinking, tendency to scapegoat, and job destruction don’t look quite as good when viewed as they are. But then, it’s hard to present the facts when your whole purpose is to skew them.

This article is published in collaboration with the Ministry of Strategic Affairs.

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