The army is considering what further action it may take against Syria after a cross border attack in the Golan Heights Sunday morning killed a 15-year-old boy and injured three people.

The Israel Defense Forces spokesman said Israel viewed the incident, thought to have been a deliberate attack against contractors working on a border fence, as “very serious.”

“The matter is still ongoing and we are considering our [further] steps,” Brig. Gen. Motti Almoz said Sunday evening.

Mohammed Karkara, from the town of Arraba in the Lower Galillee, was killed in the attack and his father, a civilian contractor, and two others were injured after their vehicle exploded while delivering water to workers on the border fence.

Military officials said the car was hit by anti-tank fire, though one rebel commander told the Times of Israel it was possible the regime had targeted the car with a heat-seeking missile.

Military sources said late Sunday that the fire had come from an area under the control of Assad regime forces.

In response, Israeli tanks fired at Syrian army positions.

Israel has responded in the past to cross border fire with targeted strikes on Syrian positions, and planes have reportedly also hit Syrian missile shipments deep inside the war-torn country, though Israel has never confirmed those strikes.

Mohammed Karkara (photo credit:

Mohammed Karkara (photo credit:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke afterward with Mohammed Karkara’s father Fehmi Karkara and offered his condolences.

“Israel’s enemies are using every means, they don’t hesitate to attack civilians or kill children, as happened this morning,” Netanyahu said at a Jewish media conference in Jerusalem. “They don’t differentiate between the Jewish and non-Jewish citizens of Israel. As a people, our heart breaks at the kidnap of every child, at the killing of every child and I am sure that I speak for all of you when sending our condolences to the grieving family.”

Three weeks ago, IDF forces fired artillery shells at a target in Syria after a mortar shell fired from the war-torn country hit Mount Hermon.

The Israel-Syria border region has seen intermittent exchanges of fire throughout the war in Syria. Although Israel has largely attributed these incidents to stray fire from clashes in Syria, there have been attempts to target Israeli soldiers.

Times of Israel Staff contributed to this report.