Two envelopes containing bullets and a threatening letter were sent to a district court judge and a senior officer in the Israel Prisons Service over the last week.

According to Israel Radio, the words “with these bullets we will murder you” were written on both letters, which were sent to a Lod District Court judge and the senior Prisons Service officer.

Security around the home of the district justice was enhanced following the threats, according to an Israel Radio report on the case.

A gag order on the letters was lifted Wednesday.

The judge, who was out of the country during the time the threats were sent, was notified of the incident by the police. A preliminary investigation, along with a review of all the judge’s recent court cases, was launched by the police as well.

The judge recently sentenced a well-known member of a high-profile criminal organization to prison, though there is insufficient evidence to tie the convicted felon or his organization to the threats, the Walla news site reported.

The letters come amid public concern following a spate of car bombings and public assassination attempts thought to be the work of underworld crime organizations.

In November, a car bomb destroyed the vehicle of a senior prosecutor in the Central District State Attorney’s Office in Tel Aviv. No one was hurt in the explosion. According to police, the car belonged to a member of the state prosecution who led cases against major crime organizations and was considered an aggressive prosecutor.

The Tel Aviv attorney had prosecuted five senior members of the crime organization headed by Amir Mulner, successfully appealing rulings for their release. He was involved in further investigations targeting the organization.

In September, a powerful car bomb exploded in the southern city of Ashkelon in what police said was an assassination attempt by a criminal organization against a rival group. One person was killed and another severely wounded in the explosion.

The two victims, police said, were senior members of the Domrani crime family.

Haviv Rettig Gur contributed to this report.