Egyptian authorities have extended by another 15 days the detention of an Israeli who has already been held for almost a month without being formally charged, Israel Radio reported on Monday.

Andre Pshenichnikov was picked up after he illegally crossed the border into the Sinai Peninsula in late December 2012. His arrest was only announced by Egyptian security officials a few days later.

Reports at the time said he was being held in the Red Sea resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh for allegedly trying to reach the Gaza Strip through Sinai.

Unnamed Egyptian security officials said Pshenichnikov was stopped after filming security installations in Sinai and asking drivers for information.

Pshenichnikov’s girlfriend, who spoke to The Times of Israel two weeks ago, said he had told her he was traveling to Egypt to meet French friends he had met in Paris earlier this year.

His girlfriend said he had been moved from one detention facility to another, and suggested that he may have been held in Rafah and Port Said.

Earlier in 2012, Pshenichnikov, who immigrated with his family from Tajikistan 13 years ago, caused a stir when he declared that he wished to renounce his Israeli citizenship and adopt Palestinian citizenship.