The Egyptian military killed 11 terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula and took 23 others captive, Israel Radio reported on Wednesday.

Egyptian media reported that security forces uncovered a large stash of weaponry.

According to Reuters, the Egyptian Defense Ministry confirmed in a statement that 11 terrorists were killed and 23 were captured, along with 11 vehicles, weapons, and boxes of ammunition, including five boxes of Israeli-made ammunition.

The announcement came a day after Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Youm reported that the Egyptian presidency had reached an agreement with fundamentalist elements in northern Sinai for a one-week ceasefire.

The agreement was reached following secret negotiations between members of Mohammed Morsi’s presidential team and Salafi extremists who lead mosques in the Egyptian cities of Rafah and Sheikh Zweid.

The Egyptian military launched “Operation Eagle” in an effort to root out and destroy Islamist terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula in the wake of the August 5 terrorist attack in which 16 Egyptian border guards at the Rafah border crossing were killed.