French authorities on Tuesday arrested two men believed to be the accomplices of a terrorist who killed a rabbi and three children outside a Jewish school in Toulouse last year.

The two men, aged 29 and 30, were detained in southwestern France, Reuters reported on Wednesday. It was not clear what role they played in the attacks.

Over the course of several days in March 2012, Mohamed Merah killed three French soldiers before targeting the Ozar Torah school in the southern France city, gunning down a rabbi, his two sons and another girl outside the school.

Merah was killed by police several days later after a 30-hour standoff at his apartment.

Merah’s brother, Abdelkader Merah, was arrested as an accomplice during the siege but denied being involved. He is still in police custody.

On Monday, French Interior Minister Manuel Valls said that while Merah had had international help, he had been exposed to radical Islamic ideology while inside France.